3D / 360 Panoramic Virtual Experience

A renowned flooring company needed our expertise in development of 3D panoramic viewer to visualize floorplans and apartments realistically



We have developed a web-based 3D panoramic viewer and flooring configurator using the three.js and React framework, capable of rendering floorplan and panorama in a 3D space. This configurator can efficiently provide a preview of materials applied on the walls and floors of an apartment.

The primary features encompass: 1) The ability to load DXF file and panorama files which coorelates the floorplan data and corresponded 3d imagery. 2) Ability to transition between the floors and rooms 3) Apply and preview specific walls and flooring materials in panoramic environment 4) Interactions to drag and drop material on floors 5) Generate quotation based on seleted materials 6) Integration to ZohoCrm. 7) A full documentation of all materials 8) Project schedule calculation 9) A first person walkthrough


What Clients Say About Us

We are a passionate team of software developers that specializes in 3D web development services.

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