3D Digital Twins of City

A renowned city planning software vendor needed our expertise in export, import and visualization of 3D data. We helped them in enhancing and maintaining their application



It's a data-driven, all-in-one platform to monitor and manage asset performance and combining its own digital twinning, IIoT, edge control, cloud-based data propagation, analytics, data and business intelligence and interactive 3D visualization. All this, to reduce cost of operations, reduce capital expenditure, improve asset performance and reduce overall carbon footprint

The primary features encompass: 1) The ability to Asset planning, monitoring, tracking and performance management. 2) Helping hand for city administrators, property owners and Infrastructure owners and operators. 3) Federated data assets management and monitoring on a blockchain 4) One central cloud platform of unified data for capacity planning and asset performance 5) Mapping cell towers and signal data coverage into the real world. 6) Static and dynamic dashboards with KPI's to enable intelligent decision making and ease of access to information 7) Review asset information and performance data for each tower and site equipment and view detailed reporting. 8) All-in-one SaaS platform with single unified data view for telco towers and infrastructure - Making asset lifecycle management much easier


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We are a passionate team of software developers that specializes in 3D web development services.

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