4D Mining Viewer

A renowned mining software vendor needed our expertise in development of 4D viewer to visualize as-planned and as-mining data over timeline



We have developed a web-based 4D viewer using the three.js and React framework, capable of rendering terrain and temporal characteristics in a 4D space (3D plus time). This timeline viewer can efficiently visualize hundreds of thousands of extruded objects and particles over a time dimension.

The primary features encompass: a) The ability to load GeoJSON and DXF files b) The conversion of 2D contours into a 3D terrain through meshing c) The creation of 2D contours from a 3D terrain cross-section d) The rendering of custom extrusion objects and their respective attributes e) A timeline filter and player for animations f) A draggble 2D Legends panel g) A 3D Compass h) Scale Axes i) The option to switch between dark and light themes j) The functionality to save a 3D snapshot as an image k) A fullscreen window l) Sunlight effects


What Clients Say About Us

We are a passionate team of software developers that specializes in 3D web development services.

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