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We offer outsourced-software development services globally across various domains and industries.

Our Services

Prolincur is well-positioned to help OEM and Industrial clients in realizing their Industrial 4.0 use-cases related to 3D e.g., Digital Twins

CAD / 3D Viewer

  • Custom 3D Webapp
  • Interactive 3D viewer
  • 2D / 3D Product Configurator
  • 2D / 3D Measurement Tools
  • AR / VR enabled interactions
  • Custom 3D Modeler
  • B-Rep / CSG
  • Faceted geometry
  • Boolean operations
  • Non-manifold modeling
  • Tolerant modeling
  • Meshing techniques
  • Point cloud
  • Surface reconstruction

3D Mapping / GIS

  • Geo-spatial server
  • Spatial data processing and ingestion
  • Spatial algorithms
  • Spatial data query
  • Rendering 2D/3D Tile sets
  • Rendering 3D terrains
  • Geo-referencing of arbitrary 3D mesh
  • Custom spatial data
  • Sun and shadow simulation
  • Realistic 3D scene on map
  • Geo-spatial data format translations

Image Processing (AI / ML)

  • Background removal
  • Object segmentation
  • Object detection
  • Edges detection
  • Skeletonization
  • Vectorization (SVG/DXF)
  • Quantization
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Image similarity / comparison

Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • Digital Twins
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Asset life cycle
  • Operational data handling
  • Unstructured data processing
  • Data analytics
  • Data Visualization

Quantifying Our Impact

15+ Clients
We have had the privilege of serving more than 15 satisfied clients, building strong and enduring parternships. With our expertise, we helped them in reaching market faster.
6+ Countries
We work with our clients spreading across 6+ countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia etc.
8+ Domains and Industries
3D Software development is at the center of what we do, we have equipped ourselves with the skills required to deliver various use-cases across domains and industries including mining, oil & gas, urban planning, telecommunications and more.
20+ Projects
We have successfully completed more than 15 software development projects adhering to the stipulated timeline and budget, while maintaining high quality.
20K+ Person-Hours
With over 20K+ person-hours of software development work delivered to our clients, we have demonstrated our dedication to delivering quality solutions to our clients.
10+ Engineers
Our team comprises over 10 engineers, each with varying levels of expertise, including roles such as technical experts, technical leads, senior software engineers and so on.

Our Products

Why Choose us

  • Strong experience in complex algorithm development related to geometry, geo-spatial and image processing
  • Expertise in modern technologies for mapping and 3D on web / cloud
  • End to end solution development for your use case, say related to Digital Twin
  • One stop for your desktop, web and mobile app development
  • Reduce your recruitment time
  • Faster to augment your team in 3D skillset

About us

Prolincur, founded by alumni of top-tier Indian institutions such as IISc and IIM, is dedicated to pioneering advancements in 3D technology and providing technology consulting and solutions. Our team is comprises of talented engineers who specialize in 3D and mapping.

Sourabh Soni

Sourabh Soni Founder
Sourabh has more than two decades of experience in Engineering software development and software outsourcing services. Hands on experience of working on complex algorithmic, design problems and solutioning. Hands on experience of managing large scale software development projects.
  • Corporate Experience : FLUENT, ANSYS, Geometric, HCL Technologies
  • Industry : Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, L&D
  • Technology : CAD, CAE, CAM, Machine Learning, NLP Computer Vision, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript

Vijaykumar Thombre

Technical Expert
Vijaykumar Thombre Technical Expert
Vijay is a tech Savvy full stack developer proficient in the field of GIS and 3D . Indepth knowledge and work experience in 2D and 3D CAD software's. Analytical and precise professional with 16+ years of hands-on experience taking charge of front and back-end web development. Skillful creating servers and databases for functionality and developing APIs.

Pratik Vakil

Technical Expert
Pratik Vakil Technical Expert
Pratik has a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in C# .NET, ASP.NET, Node.js, MongoDB, SQL, SolidWorks and C++. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Surat. He is a Life long learner and a developer with a passion for anything 3D

Abhishek Mishra

Senior Software Engineer
Abhishek Mishra Senior Software Engineer
  • 7+ years experience in CAD/CAM and GIS domain.
  • Major skills in 3D Visualisation and geometric computations
  • Good hands-on experience with Mapbox, Three.js

Sharif Himu

Software Engineer
Sharif Himu Software Engineer
Sharif comes with close to three years of software development experience with expertise in Javascript, Python, React, React Native, three.js, Motion Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and many more

Khushal Nagmote

Software Engineer
Khushal Nagmote Software Engineer
Khushal works as a Software Engineer with two years of hands-on experience in the CAD domain and one year in software development, demonstrating expertise in Java, Javascript, WebGL, and various cutting-edge 3D technologies.

Pranay Prasad

Software Engineer
Pranay Prasad Software Engineer
Pranay works as a Software Engineer - Computer Vision at Prolincur. He finds solutions of image processing problems by applying AI technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Purushottam Anil Patle

Associate Software Engineer
Purushottam Anil Patle Associate Software Engineer
Purushottam currently working as Associate Software Engineer in Prolincur Technologies Specialization in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS having a total 18 months experience in software development field.

Piyush Tiwari

Associate Software Engineer
Piyush Tiwari Associate Software Engineer
Passionate Associate Software Engineer with 8 months of experience in 3D GIS development, showcasing expertise in React.js, Node.js, and Python. Known for collaborative prowess in diverse teams, I thrive in analyzing user needs for crafting optimal software solutions. My strength lies in a robust understanding of data structures and algorithms , Excited about contributing my technical skills and love for web technologies to creative and groundbreaking projects.

Atharv Sharma

Associate Software Engineer
Atharv Sharma Associate Software Engineer
As a Computer Science & Engineering graduate, Atharv possess a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures, and software engineering . His skillset includes proficiency in Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, with hands-on experience in React for dynamic web applications. Additionally, He has knowledge in computer graphics and use GitHub for efficient version control . As a collaborative team player, He excels in communication, actively contribute to discussions, and adept at fostering a cooperative approach to problem-solving within a team setting.

Janette Jones

Human Resource Manager
Janette Jones Human Resource Manager
Janette is a charming Human Resource Manager/ Talent Management/ HRIS/ Employee Experience/ ATS/ Business Partner

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