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Prolincur is a technology consultancy and solution provider with the expertise in 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD), 3D visualization, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Geographical Information System (GIS), Computer Vision, and Digital image processing. We work with global organizations to provide our outsourced software development services across various domains and industries.

3D Geometric Modeling

Prolincur has strong experience of developing custom Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Engineering (CAE), and Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications. We have strong understanding of low-level technology areas including geometric modeling, faceted geometry, and meshing, as well as of high-level plugins for commerical CAD applications. We are one-stop technology provider for your 3D software app needs on desktop, web or mobile devices.

3D Visualization

Prolincur has strong experience of developing desktop, modern web and mobile apps with graphical rendering. It spans from qualitative / quantitative data visualization to complex 3D geometry for Engineering purposes. 3D visualization technology makes it easier, faster and more intuitive for our customer to deal with their data.

Computer Vision

Prolincur work on problem consists of the manipulation of images to extract out relevant information from the same. The applications of digital image processing can vary from object detection, signature verification, shape recognition, so on and so forth. In few cases, we have further translated the image object to 3D models for custom product creation using 3D printing or laser-cutting technology easily.

Image processing

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We love 3D Shapes! Prolincur is your best choice if you want to build modern apps in the mentioned niche technology we operate in. Prolincur provides technology consultancy and outsourced software development services so that you can leverage our team's expertise to build innovative software as per your requirements.

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