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3D Visualization Sytem

Modern cross-platform cross-device

Integratable with any website

Customizable e.g. create 3D configurators

Reusable 3D assets

Reusable animations

Introducing VectraXD

VectraXD is a modern cross-platform cross-device 3D Visualization system. It made integration of 3D assets with any website easy. It offers customization to create sophisticated apps e.g. 3D product configurator, geometric measurement tool, floor-plan designer, creative 3D web experience and so on. Prolincur uses VectraXD to create custom 3D, VR, AR solutions for our customers faster.
Beta Preview version is now available on online web.

Key Features

File Formats

VectraXD supports multiple file formats including GLB, GLTF, STL, OBJ, DXF, PLY, etc. to import data from.

Interactive Viewer

VectraXD supports interaction tools like views, 3D geometric measurements, drag and drop 3D objects, 360 panoramic, zoom-in anchors, show/hide layers.

Product Configurator

VectraXD configurator platform allows merchant to setup 3D product configrations and integrate with their third-party stores.


VectraXD supports variety of lights, shadows, shadings, animation effect like turntable, swing, scale.

Flavor that suits you


VectraXD Studio is a platform used by creators to interactively setup the complex 3D scenes and share them with the world.

Developer Toolkit

VectraXD Developer Toolkit is used by developers to create any custom app faster by reusing lot of the out-of-the-box components.


VectraXD Gallery is a hosted content site to publish and share 3D content.

Live Demo

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